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Obtain curation data via a REST interface

Available formats

Currently, the curated data are available in JSON, RDF-XML, SPDX2TV and YAML format.


This REST interface is available through standard HTTP protocol and the following scheme:<format>/<package>/<version>

Alternatively and if needed, the SSL-enabled port can be used in which case the scheme has the form<format>/<package>/<version>

where <format> may be any of "json", "spdx", "xml" or "yaml". The version must be given when RDF-XML, SPDX2TV or YAML format is used. Only JSON format permits to retrieve all curated versions of a software package with a single REST call. When this is intended the scheme has the form<package>

and the various versions will be encapsulated in a JSON super object.

Use the below select box and search field to define a data format and enter the name of a software package. Then select one of the available software versions to immediately run the REST interface for the given package and display the OSSelot curation data in a new window